Lotus Vinyl Folding Doors

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Lotus Vinyl Folding Doors

We supply Lotus Vinylcloth folding doors, manufactured to the highest standard.

Each door individually made to your needs and specifications. Lotus vinyl material is backed with a cloth mesh fabric giving the door its strength and flexibility.

Lotus has created a unique double-track system, this makes their door smooth and silent when in use. 

All the doors come complete with matching pelmets and hold-back straps. Customised quality craftsmanship, every door is made just the way you want it.

Lotus Vinyl Folding Doors are designed for almost all interiors – in boats, caravans, anywhere around the home, in workplaces, for educational environments or in any number of public spaces such as galleries or at exhibition centres.


Get A Made To Measure Folding Vinyl Door

Lotus folding doors can be custom made for any doorway, up to a height of 3m high and practically any width.

We can customise all types of folding doors just the way you want it – vinyl concertina doors, vinyl bifold closet doors, lotus concertina doors and even as a double end post door, opening both ends.

We offer exceptional service and fast delivery anywhere in Australia direct to a job site or home.

All of our Vinylcloth solutions are proudly Australian-made with all doors backed by a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty.

If you need help with measuring or choosing a finish, get in touch, we are here to help.

Security Locks & Latches

All Lotus Vinylcloth folding doors, including vinyl accordion doors come with a receiving channel to hold the door closed.

As an optional extra you can choose one of three latch/lock systems:

Positive Latch

Positive latching, operated from both sides, to prevent the door being pulled open from the jamb channel.

Latch + Privacy Snib

Latch with additional snib lock on one side and emergency release on the other side.

Supplied interchangeable left or right hand.

Commercial Latch + Keylock

Two-sided cylinder keylock capable of being master keyed if required.

Save Space & Energy With The Vinylcloth Concertina Folding Door Range

Vinylcloth folding doors are ideal for making the best use of available areas in your home they are ideal for creating space and making the best use of available areas.

They can help save on energy bills by closing off little-used areas, conserving heating or air conditioning, depending on the weather.

Lotus concertina doors are also a space and energy saving solution for commercial applications too providing flexible use of space in offices, meeting rooms, community buildings – any large area can be securely cordoned off.

Customise Lotus Vinyl Folding Doors - Make The Your Own With

Colours & materials

Vinylcloth doors are available in a wide choice of colours as well as an extensive choice of attractive finishes that includes versatile neutrals, authentic wood grains, fine textures and colours to match your design.

Some Optional Extras

Once you have a colour and choice of materials in mind you can also choose from a range of optional extras too – such as curved tracks, aluminum pelmets, opening both ends and alternate fabric colour on each side.