Lotus Folding Walls

The intelligent & Flexible Solution

Lotus Folding Walls - The Intelligent & flexible Solution

Lotus Folding Walls are the intelligent solutions for creating flexible space for homes, workplaces and public spaces. Whether solid sound-insulated or glass – all of our Lotus operable walls create flexible partitions that enable efficient space utilisation for any configuration.

By combining the integrity and flexibility of Lotus operable walls with the contemporary look of glass, allows for unique flexible layouts with light transferred throughout, visually connected spaces – with acoustic separation. Folding walls provide you with the flexibility to adapt a space for any purpose.

Regardless of their features and function, rooms can be effortlessly divided into smaller or larger areas – resized to suit individual requirements. This means any area, from a home, small conference room to a large exhibition hall can be adapted to suit a vast array of uses.

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The Versatility Of Lotus Operable Walls

We are proud to be ‘Australian made and owned Lotus Folding Walls and Doors, they have been the preferred supplier for the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre (PCEC) and the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre (MECC), these are two of the largest installations of operable walls anywhere in Australia.

Lotus has partnered with global leaders in Revit, to develop a high-quality product range for our Lotus Operable Walls range. Configuring and installing moveable walls in any environment has never been easier or more efficient. The Lotus collection of Revit movable walls allows designers to generate a wide range of layout configurations.

We invite you to use this website as part of a specification toolset. Using its content as a guide to help you efficiently design the spaces that you need. Should you need help, please contact our support team for further assistance. We are here to help you bring your vision to life.

Lotus Operable Walls Are Available in Two Finishes

All Lotus folding walls & doors are available in two finishes, each one with distinct set op options – all customisable allow you to design a space that is unique to your vision, your space and your budget.

Solid Wall Finishes

Lotus board-within-frame construction process, this offers a near-infinite range of finish options to suit all functions, looks and budgets.

Most of the finish types are supported by hidden vertical joins between modules, giving the appearance of one continuous panel.

Glazed Finish

Lotus also offers a similarly almost endless selection of toughened and laminated glass options too.

The range of finishes includes – coloured, mirror, acoustic laminated & printed glass.


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