Acoustic Accordion Doors

by Lotus Doors

Buy Australian Made Acoustic Accordion Doors By Lotus Doors

Lotus Acoustic Sliding Doors were originally developed by Lotus working with architects to meet the requirements of changes in open-learning classroom designs and modern teaching methods.

Their acoustic properties have become a successful product line for the educational sectors, so successful that Lotus found that they could be applied to domestic, workplace and public spaces, as well.

Their versatility is why we stock & supply them across Australia.

Designed with ease of operation in mind, Lotus acoustic doors meet the rigorous compliance requirements of the educational sectors & workplaces alike.

All are available with Lotus’ SABS MOTION (see below) safe braking, patent pending technology.

Our range of acoustic doors is second to none. The whole range of doors has a clean, contemporary look to suit any space.

In addition to the acoustic accordion doors we the other Lotus acoustic sliding doors including acoustic bifold doors & soundproof concertina doors.


Lotus Acoustic Sliding Doors Are
Available In Two Finishes & Many Styles

Solid finish

Lotus board-within-frame construction process, this offers a near infinite range of finish options to suit all functions, looks and budgets.

Most of the finish types are supported by hidden vertical joins between modules, giving the appearance of one continuous panel.

Glazed Finish

Lotus also offers a similarly almost endless selection of toughened and laminated glass options too.

The range of finishes includes – coloured, mirror, acoustic laminated & printed glass.

Styles & Configurations

Lotus Doors manufacture a wide range of products to suit any taste & fit into any space. All with a high-quality finish on top of the exceptional space saving benefits:

  • concertina style doors
  • double concertina doors
  • interior concertina doors
  • small concertina doors
  • lotus bifold doors

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Lotus Slider Automatic Braking System (SABS) Motion

Lotus Doors uses SABS Motion it is a patent pending technology used to slow down the panels movement at the end of operation causing the panel to slow down quickly, closing softly against other panels – so there is no potentially damaging bumping of panels as they are positioned.

SABS Motion is a tuneable feature so that it continues to provide smooth, safe braking during closing while achieving an effortless operation when opening.

This braking mechanism controls the movement of the acoustic slider and can be easily incorporated into building designs to achieve full DDA compliance.


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